ATTENTION! The information presented here is only intended for people who are serious about their financial destiny in life.

"Discover The *7 Steps To Financial Freedom* That Transformed Me Into A Millionaire At Just Age 26...

So YOU Can Sack Your Boss, Quit Your Dead-End Job, And Catapult Yourself To Financial Success!"

If You're Not Happy About Where You Are Financially In Life, Then I Openly Invite You To Read About What I Have To Share With You In This Letter...

From The Desk Of Adam Khoo

Dear Financial Success Seeker,

If you landed on this website and you're reading this right now, it can only mean one thing; that you're interested in how you can get out of the rat race and become financially free. If that's not what you interested in, then I wouldn't want to waste your time and you may close this window right now.

But if you are interested in how you can be financially independent, successful, and have the peace of mind that your financial future is safe and secure, then I warmly welcome you to read further.

But before I continue, I believe a proper introduction is in order.

My name is Adam Khoo, I hail from sunny Singapore, and I'm a self-made millionaire at age 26. And just so I can prove what I'm telling you here, here are some newspaper and magazine clippings to back up things up...


Adam Khoo Interviewed And Featured In 'The New Paper'.
Click To Enlarge.

On The Front Page Of 'The New Paper'.

Adam Khoo On The Front Cover Of 'The Executive' Magazine.
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Adam Khoo Alongside Michael Jordon.

Anyway, I'm not showing you this to 'show off' to you. That's not my intention here at all. The reason why I'm showing you this is because I know you only want to listen to the 'real deal' and not some charlatan claiming to be what he's not.

I say this because I know that you've probably come across numerous websites promising you the secret to 'how to get rich' and you're probably jaded by all the nonsense that's being thrown at you.

I'm aware of that and that's why I feel that there's need to differentiate myself from those black sheep and prove to you that I'm someone who really walks his talk.

To put it simply, I'm a successful entrepreneur and I own 3 offline businesses that generate more than $20 million in annual turnover. I'm also one of the top peak performance trainers in Asia and over the last 15 years, I've trained over 245,000 professionals, executives, and business owners to tap their personal power and achieve excellence in their various fields of endeavor.

I'm also the the bestselling author of five books and you can find three of them retailing on (click here to see this).

Why Am I Showing You All This?

It almost sounds like I'm bragging to you. But I'm NOT.

The reason why I'm telling you this is because you're an intelligent and discerning individual, and if you want to discover the secret to financial success, I bet you only want to listen to someone who has been there, done that. Someone who walks his talk.

The point that I want to make is this: If you want to become a financially free, you should only listen to someone who's ALREADY financially free and no one else! That's simple common sense, isn't it?

You wouldn't take driving lessons from someone who can't drive, would you? So why would you take the same chance with your financial education? The answer is you wouldn't. And you'd only want to learn from the best.

So now I think the question that's on your mind right now is... 

What Is The Secret To Financial Success?

Well... first of all, the question you have to ask yourself is - "Why are you not rich yet?"

What has prevented you from getting the wealth you deserve? When I ask this question to my clients in my wealth program, I usually get answers like these:

  • I was born in a poor family
  • I need to support my family
  • I am too young/old
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I have no opportunities
  • I lack the qualifications
  • I have an unsupportive spouse
  • I have no luck
  • The economy has been down
  • etc, etc, etc...

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Now the trouble with all these answers is that you're blaming someone or something else for the financial situation you're in right now and that you've been a "victim" of circumstance.

The REAL Reason Why People Never Get Rich!

You see, most people go through life with the victim’s mindset and this prevents them from ever changing their financial situation! When they don’t get the results they want, victims tend to give themselves lots of excuses like ‘I’m just unlucky’, ‘ I have no experience’, ‘I’m too old to earn more’, ‘I’m too young to be rich’, ‘I have no capital’, ‘I was born poor’ or ‘I’m not a creative person’.

The reason all these are lousy excuses is because we know that there are many examples of people who have created wealth for themselves, despite all these perceived disadvantages.

Victims also tend to blame everyone except themselves. When you ask victims why they are not rich yet they will say something like, ‘my boss won’t give me a raise’, ‘I don’t get any opportunities’, ‘my big family prevents me from saving money’, ‘the stock market caused me to lose everything’. And instead of finding a way to improve and change, victims spend their time complaining but don’t do anything about it.

The trouble is that when you give yourself excuses, blame others and whine, it means that someone else or something else is controlling your life and your (lack of) wealth. Since you believe that it is not your fault, then you are powerless to change it. If you have a victim’s mindset and hold doggedly onto the belief that external forces are controlling your wealth, then any wealth strategies you learn will be of no use!

The moment you acknowledge that you create your own fortune (or lack of it), it means that you have given yourself the power to start becoming rich right now. And when you discover the strategies of wealth creation, you will find that you can make money at any age, with any background, with little or no money and in any economy!

So once you realize that YOU are in control of your own financial destiny, the next thing you need to discover are...

The Strategies To Wealth Creation!

Is there a formula for wealth creation?

Do all self-made millionaires take the same steps to amass their fortunes?

If we were to do an in-depth study of how self-made millionaires think and act, would we find some common clues that we can learn from?

The answer is yes!

These are seven essential steps, each one representing a wealth creating skill that all self-made millionaires possess and practice...

All Self-Made Millionaires Possess and Practice These 7 Essential Skills
(And It's Easier Than You Think Once You Know How)...

  • Step 1: Adopt the Million-Dollar Mindset

    Millionaires see learning experiences, where Mister Ordinary sees failure. The moment you adopt the beliefs and habits of a millionaire, your perception of the world will change completely and you will realize that there are money-making opportunities everywhere and everyday around you.

    Amazingly, these are opportunities that you were once quite blind to!
  • Step 2: Set Clear Financial Goals

    Wealth never happens by chance. It always begins with a clear goal in mind. At one point of time in their life, millionaires always make a decision to become rich. However, whenever I ask most people what their financial goals are, I often get a blank stare. This is a major reason why they will never achieve any level of wealth because they have no clue what it is. Unless you have a specific figure to focus on, you will never be able to develop a strategy to achieve it.
  • Step 3: Create A Financial Plan

    Once you have set specific financial targets of how much you want to earn and how much money you want to accumulate, you can then develop an effective plan to achieve it. Goals by themselves are nothing but pipe dreams. Only when you create a plan, have you made your goal a possibility. The moment you start taking action on your plan, your dream becomes a reality.
  • Step 4: Massively Increase Your Income

    After developing their financial plan, most people tend to become initially disheartened. They look at their plan and realize that with the amount they are earning and saving right now, it will be decades before they see any big money.

    It is therefore important that you learn how to accelerate and turbo-charge your financial plan by taking steps to massively increasing your income.
  • Step 5: Manage Your Money & Reduce Expenses

    Many people think that by increasing their income, their wealth will automatically increase. Unfortunately, increasing income is only one side of the wealth equation. After all, there are people who earn $2,000 a month who are broke and there are those who earn $20,000 who are still broke. The reason is because when we don’t manage the money we earn, our expenses will always rise to our level of income, wiping out any surplus we have!
  • Step 6: Grow Your Money at Millionaire Returns

    By increasing your income and reducing your expenses, you will find that you will be able to accumulate a surplus of funds that you can use to help you build your fortune. You need to do this because, no matter how hard you work and save, you will never be able to create phenomenal wealth unless you learn how to put your money to work for you. Through the power of compounding, you will be able to take small sums of money and build it into huge returns over time.
  • Step 7: Protect Your Fortune

    There is no use working hard to build your personal fortune only to see it all taken away from you. There are many people who have taken decades to build their fortune only to see it wiped out by an accident, unforeseen illness or through an unexpected lawsuit.

    Self-made millionaires engage professionals like insurance advisors, lawyers and accountants to help them build a financial fortress so their wealth is protected from potential creditors, plaintiffs looking to sue and the government who may take away a big chunk of your wealth through a whole range of taxes that you may not have even heard about.

So there you have it, these are the seven steps that you must take towards financial abundance. I believe that if you were to take just these 7 steps today and apply them prodigiously right now, you'll see instant results.

Stop Floundering In The Financial Wilderness!

If you feel that you've been financially lost in the past, the reason is that there is just so much information and misinformation out there about how to become rich, that you just don't know where to start!

And you just want something that could just answer ALL your questions about how you can become financially free, so you stop floundering in the financial wilderness. Period.

Well I'm here to tell you that you can stop searching for the answers right now because I am going to reveal to you the EXACT wealth strategies that enabled me to become a millionaire at just age 26.

I will reveal to you the STEP-BY-STEP formula that will create total financial freedom for you, and the best part is this system is so simple that anyone can follow it and become financially free.

So without any further ado...

'The Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires' Program!

This is a 12 audio CD program that encompasses everything you need to know to create financial freedom in your life right now. And everything that's contained inside this program are all the wealth strategies that I personally use, up to this very day, to create my own financial success.

CD1 - Seven Steps To Financial Freedom
bullet How just one hour a day can change your financial future forever.
bullet How to consistently see results with every wealth tool you possess.
bullet The right beliefs that will help you achieve financial success in life.
bullet The one invaluable quality that will ensure you succeed at anything you do.
bullet How to avoid the one mistake that prevents most people from having the passion or the hunger to succeed in life.
bullet The truth behind why some people can make millions of dollars with little or no effort and the rest struggle to pay their bills on time.
bullet How to avoid the myths that have 'brainwashed' most people to remain poor.
bullet How to avoid the one thing that causes most people to be perpetually caught in the rat race and never get out.
bullet How to avoid the wrong mindset that will leave you poor all your life.
bullet Why becoming rich has nothing to do with your intelligence, your education background or the qualifications you have.
bullet Discover the one principle that will make you take charge and control of your life and financial destiny more than anything else.
bullet ... and much more!

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CD2 - Developing The Million Dollar Mindset
bullet The reason why people are your greatest resource to creating wealth.
bullet The 10 Millionaire Habits that will help you achieve your financial freedom more than anything else you possess.
bullet Why investing in your financial education will reap benefits for you over and over and over again.
bullet How to have the power to change and control the results in your life.
bullet How to become an indispensable asset to your company and have them pay you top dollar for your talent.
bullet How to avoid the one attitude that kills a lot of people's wealth immediately.
bullet Why only 5% of people are truly committed to success and how to use that to your advantage.
bullet The one secret that will have people clamoring to do business with you all the time.
bullet The secret method to deal with any failure and how it will push you closer and faster to financial success more than anything else out there.
bullet How to adopt the right beliefs about money that will start attracting money to you like a magnet.
bullet How the documented power of one technique will enable you to become a millionaire and achieve your financial goals.
bullet ... and much more!

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CD3 - How The Rich Manage Cash Flow
bullet How to avoid the distorted view that most people have about wealth that prevents them from being rich.
bullet 3 common characteristics of millionaires in America that will help supercharge your path towards financial success.
bullet The 3 crucial factors that your wealth is dependent upon.
bullet The difference between positive cash flow and negative cash flow assets.
bullet How and where to find assets that will generate positive cash flow for you.
bullet How some people can make $5,000 a month and be extremely wealthy and others can make $30,000 a month and still be dead broke.
bullet The exact system that will reveal your true level of wealth right this very moment.
bullet The one tool that will determine how much you can invest in assets to help compound your wealth exponentially.
bullet Even more cash flow secrets that will boost your financial standing in no time flat.
bullet ... and much more!

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CD4 - Strategies To Massively Increase Your Income
bullet The major difference between high income earners vs. low income earners and how knowing this difference can make you rich.
bullet How to increase your income by 10-20 times in less than a year and how this is absolutely possible.
bullet Why the amount of value you create will directly impact your ability to create wealth.
bullet How to know when you've created tremendous value.
bullet Methods to help you reach the goal you set to massively increase your income.
bullet 5 ways how to increase the sales and profits of your business or the company you work for in less than six months..
bullet The secrets to how you can increase your profits by 61% immediately.
bullet ... and much more!

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CD5 - Strategies To Massively Increase Your Income II
bullet The secret why someone who creates less value can be paid a thousand times more than someone who creates more value.
bullet The 3rd component of the Income Formula that will increase your wealth exponentially.
bullet How to earn royalties or licensing fees from intellectual property and generate a lifetime stream of passive income.
bullet How to see great money-making opportunities in problems.
bullet 4 areas you can look at to find opportunities to scale someone else's value and make millions in the process.
bullet How to create recurrent income from anything you sell just one time.
bullet 5 real life case studies of people who used these secrets and went on to create great wealth and financial freedom for themselves.
bullet ... and much more!

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CD6 - Creating Multiple Streams Of Income Online
bullet The Internet is projected to grow to 1.781 billion people by the year 2010 and what this great potential for growth means to your business.
bullet How to create an online business that makes money for you 24/7 without you having to be there all the time.
bullet How and survived the dotcom crash and what you can learn from their business model to become successful on the Internet.
bullet The one thing you must do first before making any investment online so that it is easier for you to generate returns more effectively.
bullet How to read your customer's mind so that you know exactly what to sell effectively to them
bullet Why you do not need to be technically savvy and know nuts about building a website and still be able to run a successful online business.
bullet The 6 criteria to starting a successful money making business online.
bullet The 10 step system that will help you set up your online business immediately.
bullet ... and much, much more!

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That's Not All!
Here's even MORE Of What You're Going To Receive...

CD7 - Creating Multiple Streams Of Income Online II
bullet How to discover if your passion will turn into a profitable business on the Internet.
bullet The one simple tool you can use right now to find out how much demand there is in your market and whether it's a profitable one.
bullet How to find out how many competitors you have in your niche market and how fierce the competition is.
bullet The 4 tools that will help you garner crucial market intelligence to build your business effectively.
bullet The Internet Business Profit Potential Formula that will determine how much gross profit, number of sales, and net profit you'll make.
bullet Discover which words and headlines create the most impact and generate the most sales for you.
bullet How to create your own database of opt-in leads and get them to part their names and email addresses.
bullet The 7 models of making money on the Internet and finding out which one suits you best.
bullet One secret you can use to increase your sales conversion rate right now.
bullet ... and much, much more!

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CD8 - Managing Money And Controlling Expenses
bullet How to avoid the one habit that will wipe out all your efforts and bring your wealth back down to ZERO.
bullet The one activity that millionaires do without fail every single month to create their wealth.
bullet The very first expense you must reduce if you want to stop bleeding your dollars away every single month.
bullet Why you must avoid all ________ ____ like the plague if you want to be financially free.
bullet How to retire with close to $30 million dollars just by investing the extra $5,000 a month you will make from all the strategies you will discover in this program. (Don't believe me? Get this program to find out.)
bullet How to take advantage of debt to help you create lifetime wealth even faster.
bullet How the 2% interest a month on your credit card debt is actually making you pay over 70% in REAL interest.
bullet One area in your life where you should procrastinate to increase your wealth even further.
bullet The 15 minutes a day that will decide your chances of achieving financial freedom.
bullet ... and much more!

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CD9 - Growing Your Money At Millionaire Returns
bullet How your wealth will be divided into half in just 25 years even if you just saved all of it in the bank.
bullet The reason why the majority of people lose money with their investments.
bullet How to invest small amounts of money and grow them into huge amounts that will be more than enough for you to retire financially free.
bullet What to do first before you start investing in the stock market.
bullet Understanding the different indices and how you use them to benchmark your way to investment fortunes.
bullet How Warren Buffet was able to double his money every 2.88 years that allowed him to turn $100,000 into over $42 billion dollars.
bullet How you can be 60 years old and broke but still be able to grow your money and achieve your financial goals.
bullet What you must do with the returns you generate from the investments if you want your money to work even harder for you.
bullet Understanding the 3 different financial growth strategies you can employ to multiply your money at millionaire returns.
bullet ... and much more!

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CD10 - Growing Your Money At Millionaire Returns II
bullet 3 reasons why you always win in the stock market when you invest long enough.
bullet 2 indicators that will tell you when the market is overvalued so you can avoid investing in overpriced stocks.
bullet 5 advantages Exchange Traded Funds have over normal funds that will increase your returns in the stock market.
bullet 4 reasons why most people lose money in mutual funds that financial advisors are afraid to tell you about.
bullet 3 key things you must look out for when it comes to choosing a brokerage firm to avoid ending up with one that can go bust with your money anytime!
bullet 4 recommended brokers whom you can choose from immediately.
bullet How to avoid mutual funds that best perform one year and then lose money the subsequent years.
bullet How to know when you are paying exorbitant sales fees and the maximum you should pay for to avoid unnecessary costs.
bullet The 9 criteria to find the top 10 performing mutual funds in the world that will give the highest consistent returns at the lowest cost.
bullet ... and much more!

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CD11 - How To Invest Like Warren Buffett Part I & Part II
bullet How to create a winning stock portfolio that nets you returns of 15%-25% per annum.
bullet 6 circumstances when you should sell a stock to realize maximum profits.
bullet 4 strategies that will help track your investments to ensure that your investing decisions turn out profitable.
bullet 2 forces that determine how much a stock is priced and how they can help you pick up value stocks on the cheap.
bullet How to avoid the 4 mistakes that have most people wondering why the stock price always drop the moment they buy it.
bullet How to avoid the 6 losing beliefs of the common investor that cause them to make poor investment decisions.
bullet The 6 winning beliefs Warren Buffet has that allowed him to amass a $42 billion fortune and how these beliefs can help to grow your wealth exponentially.
bullet 3 major steps that all Master Investors take to make sizable returns on individual stocks.
bullet The complete 9 Step Value Investment System that will help you buy winning stocks at winning prices.
bullet 6 criteria that identifies a stock as a price competitive business and therefore a bad investment choice.
bullet 7 growth drivers a business must have if you want to invest in its stock.
bullet 4 important signs that allow you to be certain that the company's management is honest and competent before you buy their stock. (You don't want another Enron on your hands!)
bullet and much, much more...

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CD12 - Designing Your Millionaire Road Map
bullet How to shortcut your financial learning curve and avoid wasting 20-30 years learning through trial and error.
bullet How to avoid the 4 major reasons why 97% of people never live a life of their dreams.
bullet How to start building your wealth and financial dreams right now even if you have no idea what business or career path to take.
bullet The secret to finding your passion in life and becoming wildly successful at what you love to do.
bullet How the mistakes you made in your past can help propel you even faster towards your goals in life.
bullet The reason why most people never learn from their failures and how this keeps them from ever achieving their goals in life.
bullet 3 secrets that will help you design your financial goals and desired lifestyle.
bullet The 36 hour secret that ensures you will start the ball rolling towards achieving your financial goals.
bullet ... and much more!

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Everything that is contained in these 12 CDs are all the strategies I use to become a financial success today.

I sincerely believe that the Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program is the most complete of its kind out there and the information contained inside will undoubtedly work to skyrocket your financial education to help you reach your financial goals in no time. Click here to get started now.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It!

I understand that you could be wondering if the wealth strategies revealed in the Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program will work as well for you as it has for me.

I want you to see what happens when REAL people use real wealth creation strategies, and the real life results they've experienced after going through the Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program:

"Tripled My Income To $41,000!"

Adam’s wealth creation program was the best investment I ever made. It gave me the value creation strategies to triple my income to achieve a breakthrough of $41,000.

I would have never been able to achieve this if I hadn't learnt all the strategies and principles this wealth program taught me.

This is THE program to learn how to start building financial abundance. Period.

Mei Mei
Bank Relationship Manager


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"It's Rich Dad, Poor Dad On Steroids!"

G' Day Adam,

I just had to write you a quick note of how much I appreciated your "Secrets Of A Self Made Millionaires" system.

I found Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires very practical when it came to revealing the secrets of the rich. In fact I like to think of it as Rich Dad, Poor Dad on Steroids!

Your audios and manual was very easy to understand and a thorough step-by-step process. Thank you for sharing your secrets and for your personal help.


Paul Kleinmeulman


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"Added 3 New Income Streams In Less Than A Year!"

A friend of mine actually recommended Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires to me and I was a bit unsure at first about what this program could do for me. So I took my time to consider making a purchase.

Is this another "Jack of All Trades" product? I asked myself. After going deliberating for a few days, I decided to take a plunge and I bought it. And now all I can say that Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires is worth every single penny. In fact I think you should even charge more for it!

The first few CDs, you explained the concept of financial management so complete, thorough and easy to understand. Although I already know that, however I find it difficult to explain to my peers, family and friends about.

The next CDs, the real education for me began. I started to see the true value of the program. It's very inspiring to learn about your businesses success and give me new ideas for my business also.

Applying what I learnt from your program:

1) My business achieve an increase of more than US$20,000 last year

2) I added 3 new streams of income to my business (I don't only depends on online business now)

3) My friends and family can now understand what I'm doing and they know the importance what I'm doing. It's finally a huge relief for me to stop explaining what and why I do to them. (Time is money you say. Explaining to them takes time... ;) )

I do recommend Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires to other people who are serious about their business and personal finance management.

Sabri SaifulSham
SaifulSham Consultants
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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"Paid Off All My Debts Within 6 Months, Spending Less Time At Work And More Time With My Kids!"

When I bought Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires, I actually expected an overview of things like the millionaire mindset and getting self-esteem, and maybe some joint-venture tips.

But when I started going through it, I actually found a thorough path to wealth. Sound and solid advice about how to take control over your financial life, how to build a solid financial base, and how to go on from there.

I especially liked the part about getting your financial act together. It's so easy to waste money on things that won't help you build a solid future. This is also the first time I really understood that being rich is not about how much money you earn. Adam provides many step-by-step lists that are laid out in great detail to showed me exactly what I needed to do reach my financial goals.

Before Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires, I had a 40 hour a week daytime job and a few nasty debts. Within half a year I had no debts left and cut down my daytime job to only 16 hours per week, leaving me lots of time for my kids!

I absolutely recommend Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires - it's an investment for your future.

Antoinette Vunderink
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

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"Shows You Exactly Step-By-Step How True Lifetime Wealth Is Created!"

What I enjoyed most about Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires is that Adam focuses on getting yourself right FIRST before you try to build wealth. If you do not have the right mindset and seriousness about building wealth, you will never be able to control it.

After learning from what Adam revealed, I realized that he had to use what everybody has to use to get wealthy: a multiple pronged method to succeed.

And not only does Adam show what these methods are, he actually shows you HOW to accomplish these goals in so much detail that you can actually follow through all the steps to completion.

When I was ready to bag it, Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires has kept me going. I'm on the verge of breaking open an affiliate program, plus working with my partner on creation of a new video based directory that will benefit everybody!

Not only do I recommend it, I'll tell you flat out you have no business trying to go into business without it. There are very few names that I respect in this industry. One is my mentor, Ty Hicks. Second is Robert Allen, the father of multiple streams of income. And now my newest addition to my inner circle: ADAM KHOO!

Brother Paul
Stanley, North Dakota, USA

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"The Best Wealth Building Strategies Out There!"

This wealth program was indeed very fulfilling and an eye opener to me as it gave me so many good ideas and powerful strategies on how to increase my income and wealth.

Adam has undoubtedly showed me one of the best wealth building strategies to make me a better, faster, hungrier and more goal focused person.

After having learnt all the different wealth building strategies, this has given me great confidence and a renewed driving spirit to make a major shift and transformation towards achieving my financial goals.

William Guido
Chief Executive Officer

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"Making $75,000 Every Month!"

My business was not doing great and I could not cover my company expenses for the whole year. I tried everything from brochures to promotions but I couldn't get the demand I wanted. I was thinking of quitting the business until my father gave the Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program to me.

I have to say that this program was exceptionally useful from start to finish. The particular CDs I was interested in was how I could make income through the internet. From creating the website to finding new customers through Google, Yahoo and other search engines. It really helped me a lot with my business.

Today I'm currently making an average of $75,000 every month with 40% of my business coming from foreign clients. My revenue has grown 7 times since I discovered the Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program.

The tactics that I applied from this program has also enabled me to make more business contacts. Now I export my products to countries such as Indonesia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. I'm aiming to achieve my target of $1.25 million revenue this year, which will be my new record for the business. Not bad for a business that I started using only $20,000 as my capital.

Thank you very much, Adam. Your Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires system made all this possible.

Azril Sarit
Business Owner
IQSS Services
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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"The Most Comprehensive Set Of Financial Information Out There!"

Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires is the most comprehensive set of information on creating financial abundance that I’ve ever come across.

In order to get all the information that’s in this program, you’d have to purchase at least five or six books—one on how to manifest what you want, one on millionaire mindset, one on online marketing, one on investing, one on financial planning, and on business planning.

And when I purchase books, I often feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. But with Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, I got MORE than my money’s worth.

Before Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires, I was unsure about my ability to turn my talents and expertise into a business. I kept thinking about all the other people trying to do the same thing and I felt discouraged about trying to create a business doing what I love.

After going through the program, I realized I could take what I know how to do and turn it into a business. Adam emphasizes that you can create a business around your passion when you can discover how to turn that passion into value for others. His focus on creating great value for others helped me take my experience as an author and my interest in self help to create a business.

I finally had a clear vision of the kind of business I want to create, a concrete long term plan for creating the financial freedom I want and I discovered the unshakable belief that I achieve anything that I want to do.

Since the program in November 2006, I walked away from a business concept that wasn’t my passion and wasn’t as scalable as I wanted it to be (it was too hands-on).

I created a new website and started growing an e-mail list of subscribers. I have an exciting plan for creating self help information products that draw on my successes. I’ve also increased the sales of my writing instruction e-books by over 75 percent!

I absolutely recommend Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires!

Andrea Rains Waggener
Author of Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise—52 Life-Changing Lessons For The 21st Century, (Hazelden 2006)
Ocean Shores, Washinton, USA

Click here to see ALL testimonials.

These people are all happy customers of mine who have gone on to achieve their financial goals and dreams. Yes, their stories are all real and their financial success is real.

They have gone on to make a difference in their lives, are you ready to make a difference in yours?

Here's How You Can Qualify For This Program...

I'll be honest with you. This program is NOT meant for everyone. And this program is not meant for you, if you...
bullet are not willing to take responsibility for your actions in life
bullet want to continue to procrastinate
bullet want to continue to give yourself excuses
bullet want to continue to blame other people or circumstances
bullet are not willing to take action to achieve your goals
bullet are not willing to learn and be open to new information
bullet are not willing to leave your comfort zone

That's right... if you are not willing to let go any of those "victim" behaviors, then I'd rather you not purchase my product. Because even if you do, it's not going to help you one bit. If you're not serious about your financial future, nothing in the world can make you a financial success.

SO If You ARE Serious About Being A Financial Success In Your Life Right Now...

Then I invite you to grab hold of this opportunity that's right in front of you.

The Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires home study program is based on my 4-day Wealth Academy seminars which I conduct to SELL-OUT crowds every single time I hold them.

Group Photo Of One Of My Recent SELL-OUT Wealth Academy Seminars

To attend my Wealth Academy seminar, it will cost you $3,800 just to get a seat in the house. So knowing that you have to fork almost four-grand just to attend the seminar and learn the same secrets to lifetime financial freedom and success, how much would the home study program be worth to you?

However because you had the chance to discover and land on this website, I offer the Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires home study course at a massively discounted rate of just $3,800 $147!

Why The BIG Discount?

Simple. Because when you place your order online for the digital home study course of this program, I don't have to bear the costs of running a full 4-day seminar.

I don't have to pay for using a seminar hall, renting of tables and chairs, logistics, hiring of staff, etc. This way, I get to save massively on costs, and I also get to pass on these savings to you, the customer.

All you need is an Internet connection and you can instantly download the program onto your computer, right in the comfort of your own home.

Now if you think that's a really good deal...

Wait! I'm Going To Sweeten The Pot Even Further...

If you order the Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires today, you also receive these Fast Action Bonuses!

The Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires ACTION Manual
Value $297 - Yours Absolutely FREE!
You will also get your hands on this highly exclusive 225+ page Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires ACTION Manual to go along with your 12 audio CDs.

This manual is packed with simple fill-in-the-blank worksheets and step-by-step instructions that are literally going to push you over the edge, kick procrastination out the window and make sure you Take Action to build your million dollar dream immediately!

This is the same manual that my $3,800 seminar attendees receive and its yours FREE in PDF format.

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:

bullet The top 10 factors that over 300 Millionaires interviewed said were most important for them to accumulate lifetime wealth.
bullet Fill-in-the-blank worksheets that will help you step-by-step on your path towards total financial freedom.
bullet The 7 Steps To Financial Freedom Formula and how to use it to plan, invest and protect your wealth.
bullet The power of words and how they will affect your ability to spot opportunities, take action and financial future.
bullet The fundamentals of investment instruments and why you must know them if you truly want to use them to create your fortune.
bullet How to understand the market indices and use them to set benchmarks for yourself in compounding your money in the stock market.
bullet And much, much more...

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The Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Tools & Spreadsheets
Value $197 - Yours Absolutely FREE!
In addition to your Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program, you'll also grab your hands on these exclusive financial tools and spreadsheets that will help you to plan you financial success.

These spreadsheets and tools were specially created by me, and I also use them personally myself. In the past, I ONLY gave these exclusive tools to my Wealth Academy seminar clients (which costs $3,800 just to get through the door...), but if you get your copy of Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires today, these special tools and spreadsheets are yours absolutely FREE!

You'll discover...

bullet The 9 Steps To Value Investing.
bullet How to calculate a stock's intrinsic value automatically.
bullet How to calculate a stock's 10 year price projection automatically.
bullet How to easily create your very own personal income statement and balance sheet. The template is already set up and all you need to do is fill in the blanks.
bullet The internet profit formula that will tell which niche markets are profitable to enter into or not.
bullet ... and much more!

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The Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Complete Transcripts
Value $397 - Yours Absolutely FREE!
I'll also throw in the COMPLETE transcripts to all 12 CDs of the Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program. With the transcripts, you can follow exactly on print what I'm teaching you over the CDs.

Each transcript comes in a PDF file which you can choose to either read on screen or you can  print it out and make notes on. Either way, it's up to you!

If you were to hire someone to transcribe this program for you, it'd definitely cost you more than $1,000 just to get it done. But I decided to do that part for YOU and provide this extra value to my customers.

My seminar attendees DON'T even receive these transcripts but when you order the Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires program today, you also get ALL 12 CD transcripts absolutely FREE!

Total Value of ALL Fast Action Bonuses = $891.00

You get ALL 3 Fast Action Bonuses TODAY when you order your copy of Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires right now.

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However, to ease away any further doubts you still might have that this program will undoubtedly work to bring you closer to your financial freedom even faster, I offer this to you:

Your Investment In The Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Program Is Protected By My IRON-CLAD 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That's right! I am so confident that my program will undoubtedly work to create massive multiple streams of income flowing into your life that if after 8 weeks you are still not absolutely certain that all the strategies and secrets that I reveal to you will make you money many, many times over your investment, I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

In fact, why don't I make the decision even easier for you?

Should a refund occur, I STILL want you to keep the program! With a guarantee like that, there is absolutely no way you can lose on a deal like this!

This way, you're not the one taking any risk at all. I am! This is how confident I am of my product and I sincerely believe that Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires will equip you with ALL the tools that will guarantee your total financial freedom. Click here to get started now.

Are You Ready To Play The Game Of Money?

You see…making money is a game. If you learn the rules of this game, money will flow into your hands. If you do not play by the rules, you will struggle all your life financially despite working very hard.

Haven’t you ever asked yourself why some people earn five times, ten times or even twenty times more than others?

Is it because they are twenty times smarter?

Is it because they work twenty times harder?

Or are they many times luckier?

 The answer to all these questions is a resounding ‘NO’!

I am sure you know people who seemed to be much lazier than you in school and had poorer grades but now they are so much more successful financially. Although their school report card used to be chockfull of ‘F’s, their financial report card carries straight ‘A’s.


The only reason is because they know how to play the game of money whereas most people have not learnt how the game is played.

You NEED To Master The Most Important Subject In Your Adult Life - MONEY.

You see…none of us are ever taught how to make money, how to invest money or how to manage our wealth and yet money is the most important subject in our adult lives!

Although many people say that ‘money isn’t everything’, that’s only a half -truth. The truth is that ‘everything is money’. In order to achieve excellence in the different areas of lives like our health, relationships and family, we need to be financially secure.

The traditional education system never taught us how to be rich but instead brainwashed us into becoming poor. We are taught beliefs like ‘study hard, get good grades and a good job and you’ll be set for life!’, ‘investing is risky’, ‘don’t play with stocks or you’ll get burnt’, ‘don’t be so money-faced’ or ‘don’t be so stingy’.

As result of all the wrong anti-wealth advice, most people work hard all their lives, going around in circles in the rat race and ending up broke and unhappy. However, a fortunate few eventually learn that wealth is NOT made by just getting a good job and working hard. It takes a different way of thinking and a totally different strategy. Those that learn this lesson get out of the rat race and onto the path of financial abundance and freedom.

Some people take ten years to figure this out, some take thirty years, and some never figure it out until it is too late.

Don’t make the same mistake!

If you're ready to make a difference in your life and of those around you, and you've had enough with the excuses why you can't create the financial freedom you deserve, then DO something about it.

Yes Adam! I'm Ready To Discover The Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires And Start Living A Life Of Financial Achievement And Success Starting From This Very Moment Now!

I understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server, and once it is processed, I will be able to immediately download my purchase ... even if it's 2am on a Sunday.
I understand I will immediately get $891.00 worth of additional bonuses that will supplement the information in the program.
I understand that I have 56 days (8 weeks) to test each and every bit of information in your program and if I am not 100% thrilled with my Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program, I can still get a full refund. No questions asked.
I understand that I still get to keep the entire Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program and each of the 3 bonuses, even if I request a refund! There is NO way I can lose out on an irresistible deal such as this.

All the best,

Adam Khoo

P.S. You are getting the entire Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires program at just $147, which you normally have to pay $3,800 just to attend my Wealth Academy seminars to learn the same exact secrets.

P.P.S. Remember you have an 8 week 100% money-back guarantee on this offer and even if a refund should occur, you still get to keep the program! This way, you're not the one taking a risk on this. I am! Test the whole program and if you think it's not for you, simply let me know and I'll refund every penny.

P.P.P.S If you've read this far and the price is still holding you back, I'm sorry but to be frank, you can't afford NOT to learn these secrets. Because if $147 is enough to stop you from achieving your own financial freedom, then I can't do much to help you out anyway. Ask yourself this question right now - 'How much is your financial freedom worth?'

Here's What Ron Kaufman, Bestselling Author Of "UP Your Service", Has To Say About Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires!

Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires should be mandatory for everyone before they leave school, and an essential tool for anyone out of school who has not yet found abundance and joy in the financial domains of life.

You can succeed with money, just as you can succeed in any other aspect of your life. But life requires you to take action before you can learn: that's how you learned to walk, to read, to study. Money also requires your focused attention and your finest efforts. In this endeavor, in grand adventure of learning and achievement, Adam Khoo will be your personal coach.

This outstanding program is about building a life of security and passion for you and your family. This is not just a program about making money, but a program about knowing yourself and making full use of your life-given talents to create the greatest value you can, for yourself, for your community, and for your world.

I wish you all success, in the challenges and pleasures, the joys and financial triumphs that lie ahead.

Ron Kaufman
Bestselling Author Of "UP Your Service!"

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